Start Talking


A child is never too young or too old to begin talking with them about information related to their bodies, different types of touches and personal safety skills.


Teaching children the proper names for their body parts, including private parts, can start when they are infants and toddlers. Be sure to use and teach the words breasts, vagina, penis, testicles and buttocks just like you are eyes, ears and nose.


An important part of the education we provide to elementary aged children must be information and skills to help children understand their own sexual curiosity and appropriate people to talk to about their questions and feelings. This is especially important in our society today where children are exposed to sexual images and messages at younger ages then ever before. This exposure to sexual information has contributed to a significant increase in child perpetrators of sexual abuse. It is important that we provide age appropriate sex education to children at all ages.


On the other hand, if your child is away at college and you’ve never talked about sexual abuse, date rape, personal safety or healthy sexuality—it still isn’t too late to start. Even young adults still have questions about these issues and as a parent or other caring adult you can help them by opening the lines of communication regarding these issues.



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