Keep Talking to Help Minimize Your Child's Risk of Abuse


Repetition is an important part of learning. So, don't hesitate to take advantage of natural opportunities to discuss these issues. For example, if something comes on the news about child sexual abuse, take the opportunity to talk about it. Use resources to help you talk with children about these issues.


If you have read our book “Let’s Talk About Taking Care of You” or any of our other books don't hesitate to read it more than once. The information contained takes on different meanings to children as they get older. They will also have different situations and concerns to share with you. So keep this book readily available to return to as time goes by.


Play the “What If” game by describing situations to a child or group of children and asking them what they would do if they were in that situation. The situations you describe can include potentially abusive situations, problems with other children, situations which require the child to use communication and emotional expression skills, or any problem situation you think the child needs to practice.

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