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"Let's Talk" Books by Lori Stauffer, PhD and Esther Deblinger, PhD

Let's Talk About Taking Care Of You:
An Educational Book about Body Safety
(for elementary age children)


Let's Talk About Taking Care Of You
An Educational Book about Body Safety for Young Children
(for children age 2-6)

Sexual abuse in childhood can be a traumatic experience for children and their families. However, there is considerable evidence that when children tell about sexual abuse, receive support from their families and get the appropriate help, the chances of having significant and ongoing problems are greatly reduced. These books help caring adults (teachers, parents, grandparents, counselors, etc.) learn how to help children develop the confidence and skills to respond effectively to potentially abusive situations and be able to tell about the experience as soon as possible.

These educational and interactive books are written for children ages 2 through fifth grade. They are appropriate for use with all children including those who have had an experience of sexual abuse. Both books provide education regarding emotional expression skills, body parts, okay and not okay touches and personal safety skills. The older children's book provides more specific information regarding bullying, stranger abduction and sexual and physical abuse. Both books provide guidelines to help caring adults use the book most effectively.

"Let's Talk About Coping and Safety Skills: A Workbook About Taking Care of ME!"

This workbook follows the format of the original "Let's Talk" books, but rather than being in full color, it is in black and white and requests children to draw or write on many of the pages so that each child gets to create their own very colorful and very personal book. The workbook is recommended for use by counselors or educators rather than by parents.

"Let's Talk About Safety Skills for Kids: A Personal Safety Activity Book for Parents and Children"

The acitivity books provide a brief introduction to the educational material in the other "Let's Talk" books. They are a wonderful give away for any education/prevention based events, but are not recommended as therapuetic tools for children with a known or suspected history of abuse because they do not contain as much therapuetic detail as the other books. They are available in packets of 5 books (for $10) and packets of 100 books (for $150) when ordering on the website.

Stickers with therapuetic messages from the books are also available for ordering. To order the books and stickers,
please see Ordering Information.


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